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Rubber Floor in Ghana

Rubber flooring is currently being recognized in Ghana as a safe and reliable flooring type.

This type of flooring can be used in gymnasiums, kitchens, fieldhouses, and weight rooms, homes, hospitals, and commercial buildings. These flooring types come in diverse colors, providing the opportunity for combination of colors or mono-color flooring choice.

1. Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber floors tiles have been a long-standing flooring product used in numerous spaces because of their durability and quality. They come in a 50 cm by 50 cm tile shape with low-profile round stud tile in 3cm. In fact, these products are installed in restaurants, hospitals, airports, train stations, educational establishments, and other commercial spaces.  One of the unique products under this category is Saar floor-systems Noope. Briefly, this flooring product integrates a special synthetic rubber formulation with a combination of durable and approved product design and color development. In addition, the rubber floor as specified comes in multiple vibrant colors that add an aesthetic value to a space when used.

Advantages of Rubber Floor Tiles

  • Durable and comfortable underfoot
  • Hardwearing commercial floor material
  • The product comes in diverse textures, thickness and colors.
  • Has properties to withstand heavy foot traffic and object (equipment)
  • It is also resistant to stain, fungi and bacteria growth, and mold.
  • Rubber floor tiles are resistant to water and moisture.
  • They are resistant to cigarette burns.
  • Reduces sound

In spite of the advantages, this flooring material is supposed to be used appropriately to serve its purpose. The materials cannot withstand prolonged and persistent exposure to oil, grease, and fats. These rubber floor tiles are not recommended for exterior use.

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