Carpet Trading Company In Ghana


For quality and affordable carpets and flooring in Ghana, Holocombe Flooring is the best choice. Holocombe Flooring is a commercial flooring company that distributes and installs a wider range of internationally certified, quality, affordable carpets and flooring products all over Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa. We are the official distributor and representative of SMJ Pte InternationaI in Ghana and the West Africa Region. Our products include quality Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT), Interlocking Click systems, Carpets, Broadloom, and window blinds. Our carpets come in over 600 different colors which are superior, budget and environmentally friendly. Floor score, Green Label Singapore and CRI Green Label Plus have attested to this fact.

These are products are meant for homes and offices. Our products and services come with numerous merits which include flexible customization, reliability, huge inventory and guaranteed indoor air quality. In terms of inventory, our partner constantly creates and develops exclusive and beautiful carpets and floor systems at a higher volume. As a result, Holocombe is able to stock at all times, providing a competitive standing in the market place.

Similarly, Holocombe Flooring outshines its competitors most importantly in the line of product quality and reliability in services. Certainly, quality products need to be matched with reliable services. However, because of distances, we have established online video training programs to guide other experts who are across the regions. Therefore, scarcity in the installation is far from reach and we make sure it. In other words, we abide by one of our core values which includes Honesty, Quality, Speed, and Trust.

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Dining Furniture Interior Decoration Element

Dining Furniture Interior Decor

Dining Furniture adds to the interior decor of every home. Whether wooden or durable plastic, they come in glamorous and aesthetic forms that awakens the beauty senses in everyone that uses it. Furniture usually come in the form of bed, chair, wardrobes, and shelves. Furniture is believed to be designed in a captivated and inspiring manner that meets contemporary design trends and colors. Wooden furniture is sometimes the most expensive products especially when rare woods such as mahogany is used. Additionally, plastic and glass materials serve as alternative.

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Choosing Your Carpets and Flooring Style

Generally, clients can walk to a décor shop or look at the store’s website to choose a flooring style or a carpet. Website store provides customers review that informs them the texture and other unique features of these products. But the most important action to take is to walk to a store and have a look at the options available. Is better to have physical contact with the product.

The other tip is to go with an expert or a friend who is knowledgeable in this aspect to help you make a good choice. Irrespective of the color and texture you have in mind, these individuals can help you pick products with quality texture.

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Elegant Living Room

The idea of creating an elegant living room can be a difficult task. Individuals must possess unique talents in the diverse learning dimensions centered on colors, structure, materials, styles, lightning, and positioning. Elegance is achieved when the work completed resembles what was imagined. Experts would make use of a conventional room decoration which might include: wooden furniture, chandeliers, boiserie, tufted settees and heavy swag curtains or blinds

But if you have no idea pertaining to setting up your living room, the first solution is to call an expert. The work of a professional can make all the difference. Whether your home has a big living room , or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style.

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