about holocombe

 Holocombe Flooring Offers The Best Of Modern Flooring Products.

Holocombe is a quality-driven organization that deals with the sale of premium commercial and domestic floor coverings and accessories, ranging from vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, carpet tiles, carpet planks, safety floors, ESDs for hospitals, skirting, stair nosing, door bars, carpet, and vinyl installation adhesives. All our accessories are earmarked as genuine and of high quality.

Since conception, we have envisioned providing durable products to our customers and as such, work with like-minded manufacturers who produce with product durability and customer comfort in mind.

We believe in constantly enhancing quality control and product development. Resolved to reinvent and meet changing demands of the marketplace, we endeavor to keep up with the most recent and ideal flooring that suits climate conditions in our part of the world.

We work closely with interior decorators, designers, architects, contractors, home owners, real estate developers and end-users to understand their requirements and provide tailored solutions.

With varieties and performance being our hallmark, it is our business to make any space look good. We aim to offer our clients the best quality possible, not just in product but in service and consultation as well.

about holocombe