ESD Floor
Hospital Floors

ESD Floors for Hospitals And Other Industries

ESD Floors meant for hospitals are made of carbon fibers, among other materials which serve as an electrical conductor that helps create an electrical pathway from the floor to the ground. ESDs provide static control that inhibits static electricity on a person from reaching sensitive equipment.

Risks arising from unwanted static discharge range from minimal consequences to life-threatening consequences.  Our ESDs have been engineered to combat the problem caused through friction by facilitating a uniform flow of static electricity directly to a ground point while providing hardware and decorative qualities.

Features of Electrostatic Discharge Floors

Our products have homogenous specifications, guaranteeing a consistent and effective appearance and performance. They are ideal for clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals, electronic manufacturing, telecommunications, computer rooms, scanner rooms, operating rooms, X-rays, basically any place that requires the use of electrical objects.

ESD floors come in various types, for different purposes. A decision concerning which ESD is suitable for which room is quite technical. Another key point is we advise that you speak to any of our experts about room requirements and specifications to know which ESD floor will be suitable. Additionally, installation requires the employment of expert hands to ensure that it is perfectly done, and no room is left for germ or bacteria growth. Most ESD floors can often be placed over existing floors, interlock, and can be sealed easily with floor finish products.

Evidently, the prerequisite for ESD floors include: level and hard mirror-like and smooth floor devoid of dirt. Generally, the floors should be totally cleaned and dry. This is because ESD floors are installed in bacterial prone environments.

Pros of ESD Floors

  • Hardwearing homogeneous contract sheet and tile floor covering
  • Static dissipative properties
  • Engineered for ESD protection
  • BRE Global Generic A+ rating

That being said, ESDs are ridiculously easy to clean and maintain.

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