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Laminate Floors Versus SPC

Laminates versus SPC have been a topic in the flooring arena for years. Laminates come as well-designed floors characterized by multiple layered synthetic flooring combined with a laminate process. These are designed to replace the use of real wood for flooring. Laminates floors are meant to arouse the interest of most users via their wood stimulating photographic applique layer under a transparent protective layer. Melamine resin and fiberboard materials make up the internal core structure.

To some floor experts, laminate floors are durable and can resist scratches, wear and tear. Laminate floors are easier to clean. Above all these floor products are cheaper. Furthermore, laminates have supportive back layers that are stable; protecting the plank against moisture. Because of its constructive nature, it can hold high foot traffic on a day-to-day basis.

Disadvantages of Using Laminates Floors in Africa

  • Laminate floors are made of wood; thus these floors are not impermeable to the impact of moisture although another school of thought thinks the laminates are moisture-free.
  • A laminate floor cannot be refinished to renew its aesthetic value or appearance.
  • Laminate floors cannot withstand increased sunlight, thus colorfastness to light is quite poor – destroying its appearance in the process.
  • Because laminates cannot withstand moisture, frequent cleaning with water can easily destroy them.
  • Stain resistance is poor.
  • Laminates are made up of food, hence its fire resistance capability is poor.

It is important to consider floors that provide the most shock-absorbent properties. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s understand first the earlier mentioned point about why Sports Floors are not for luxurious purposes but are necessities in sporting events.

Safety floors for athletes

Consider a teacher without a classroom, a cyclist without a helmet, a skydiver without a parachute, this could go on and on but you see where I’m headed. Since injury is unavoidable in sports, a safe sports floor is necessary. Athletes can suffer acute and inevitable injuries from landing wrongly, running into another player, or falling. Some sports are very hard on the leg; therefore you will need a floor that helps preserve joints and ligaments in the feet, ankles, and knees.

Maximum safety possibility

It is good if you are considering a Sports Floor now, but unfortunately, not all floors can fully provide you with the maximum safety possible. You will need quality Sports Floors. Wait you weren’t planning on getting the second-best Sports Floor that will only provide some but not all benefits that come with having one, were you? I didn’t think so too. What you are looking for is the kind of floor that can adjust when an athlete jumps or falls on the floor. Having the right give can help users achieve peak performance.

Running, jumping, etc is good for the body, but in the process of doing all that, the base on which all these activities are being performed should not cause injury to the legs. The goal is to have the entire body (emphasis on the entire) fit. For gym owners, school proprietors, members involved in decision-making concerning sports floors, it’s about time Sports Floors became the new normal in our part of the world.

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