Ever been confused about a modern interior or exterior decor style that fits your today’s living room, bedroom, kitchen or surroundings. Today’s modern interior and exterior style is the true tale of design migration that accommodates both old style and new style. The modern style comprises of unique furnishings and décor styles that commemorate natural materials and earthy colors while completely removing needless detailing.

Modern décor reflects a person’s character. It focuses on the true beauty of intelligence – allowing decorative objects and furnishings reflects intended objectives and lifestyle. It deals with simplistic ideas while removing clustered spaces. At Holocombe Prime, we believe that modern style incorporates open-concept spacing, natural lighting, and the utilization of simple and functional natural objects for both interior and exterior spaces. Modern style is ever-changing – borrowing from art deco, futurism, and deconstructivism.

The modern décor trends are genuine; clinging to a minimalist mode that acknowledges aesthetic and bold stands. It is no more color combinations and positioning, it is now an amalgamation of clients and expert’s knowledge and desire. At Holocombe Prime, we know that modern décor relies heavily on strong lines. It features large-scale sculptural and cool designs.

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