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carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are an intriguing and wonderful choice for practically any flooring project at home or office. Carpets are generally considered as comforting flooring decorative elements that define personalities and to an extent increases productivity where it is laid. Carpet tiles come in diverse shapes, sizes, patterns, texture, and colors allowing its beauty to fit its purpose (practically any design style). In addition, the look and feel help denote the type. Carpet types come in a level loop, pattern form, frieze, plush ad texture. Each type is significantly related to luxury, warmth and some sort of protection. Hence, it has increased its adoption in both the architectural and construction world.

Carpet tiles in our contemporary era

Carpet tiles in In this contemporary, it seems like carpet tiles have become the most essential flooring products utilized in hospitals, schools, clinics, offices, and universities. Although, they come at affordable prices most of these products are durable and able to withstand foot pressure. Even more, these carpets tiles are constructed using many different materials. A comprehensive view of the diverse fibers utilized for the constructions always informs the client’s decision and choices. The modern-day carpets are generally constructed with one of the following fiber materials including nylon, wool, polypropylene, polyester, and triexta.

Certainly, these materials used for the construction of all the carpet types meet standards. For example, the nylon which is one of the most popular carpet fibers offers durability and high-performance characteristics. Most carpet companies treat this material with a stain-resistant solution, hence enhancing their capabilities during the manufacturing process. With a 100% nylon carpet, it certainly raises the bar and the cost. Above all, it builds a reputation for the product. However, the alternative is polypropylene carpet tiles. It is an artificial fiber that does not wear out easily and naturally stain resistant. It is affordable and similar to the nylon. Clients should always seek for consultation with the carpet experts before purchases.

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Carpet Trading Company In Ghana


For quality and affordable carpets and flooring in Ghana, Holocombe Flooring is the best choice. Holocombe Flooring is a commercial flooring company that distributes and installs a wider range of internationally certified, quality, affordable carpets and flooring products all over Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa. We are the official distributor and representative of SMJ Pte InternationaI in Ghana and the West Africa Region. Our products include quality Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT), Interlocking Click systems, Carpets, Broadloom, and window blinds. Our carpets come in over 600 different colors which are superior, budget and environmentally friendly. Floor score, Green Label Singapore and CRI Green Label Plus have attested to this fact.

These are products are meant for homes and offices. Our products and services come with numerous merits which include flexible customization, reliability, huge inventory and guaranteed indoor air quality. In terms of inventory, our partner constantly creates and develops exclusive and beautiful carpets and floor systems at a higher volume. As a result, Holocombe is able to stock at all times, providing a competitive standing in the market place.

Similarly, Holocombe Flooring outshines its competitors most importantly in the line of product quality and reliability in services. Certainly, quality products need to be matched with reliable services. However, because of distances, we have established online video training programs to guide other experts who are across the regions. Therefore, scarcity in the installation is far from reach and we make sure it. In other words, we abide by one of our core values which includes Honesty, Quality, Speed, and Trust.

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